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Codelist values for radiobuttons - dropdown - checkbox


the elements multiple choice (radio button), dropdown and checkbox allow you to define lists of values of which an answer can be selected.

To facilitate analysis of your study data exports, either in SAS or Excel format,it is possible to not only create answer values (code list), but to also assign a value to each code list item.
  • multiple choice and dropdown = single select
  • checkbox = multi select

1. Add element

You can consult these articles on how to add and define multiple choice, dropdown or checkbox questions.

2. define codelist item values
  • Make sure your CRF is in status 'Design'.
  • Within the design area of the applicable form, hover over the codelist options to display the gear icon.
  • Click on the gear icon to open the codelist settings.
  • Codelist values are defined by the system in consecutive order, starting at 1 for the first label.
  • You can manually adjust the values for each label.

Manually assigned code list values do not need to be consecutive, they should however be numeric (positive, starting from 0) and should be unique within the codelist. Codelist values do not need to be unique between codelists.

3. Codelist values in exports

The data exports in both SAS and Excel have columns that display the codelist label and the codelist value.
For the examples below, some columns were hidden for visibility purposes:

All codelist specifications can be consulted in the legend file of the export:

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