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Consequences of data migration after CRF updates.

Data Consequences of migrating centers

If you need to make changes to your study CRF after it has been published, you can create a new version of your CRF (check out this article).The changes or updates you make to any new version, can have consequences for your previously entered study data when you decide to migrate existing centers to a new CRF version.
This article gives an overview of possible changes and updates and explains the behaviour of existing study data after migration.

Adding questions to the new CRF version:

  • In case these new questions are required,  any green form status (of forms that contain such questions) will change to a red status after migration to indicate that (new) required information needs to be completed.
  • Forms that were frozen or locked before migration to a new CRF version, will remain as such.➙ In case extra data entry/correction is required, un-lock or un-freeze must be done manually.

Deleting questions:

Data that was previously entered for that particular question, will be deleted upon migration (also for locked/frozen forms!)

Changing a repetitive visit or repetitive form into a regular visit or form:

Of all existing occurrences of the previously repetitive form/visit, only the first occurrence will remain in the database, all other occurrences will be removed upon migration.

Moving a form from one visit to another:

edc2go will see this as a new form, existing data will not be migrated.

Changing the date/time format:

  • Changing the format between date- datetime and time will remove all previously entered data in these fields.
  • Change from date that allows entry of Unknown dates to a date that does not allow this: dates that were entered with unknown parts will completely be removed.

Remove codelist items (answer options):

Questions where this codelist item was entered will be empty.

Add code list items (answer options):

  • adding a new codelist item in the list or at the bottom of the list without changing the labels does not influence previously entered data (see screenshot below).

  • in case you add new code list items to the top of the list or if you move labels (change their order), previous entered data will display different answer options (the initial position of the answers stays the same, but in case the label changed, it will indicate a different answer) (see screenshot below):

Change, add or delete edit checks:

Questions will be revalidated based on the new edit checks, depending on the changes made, existing queries may be closed and/or new queries may be activated.

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