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Using the Library

The Library in edc2go was created to help you to quickly set up new CRF's or studies in your account, without having to start from scratch each time.

How does it work?

If you have already built another study or CRF within your edc2go account, you can use the Library function to drag and drop existing items (CRF's, visits and forms) into the new CRF.

You can use the library for all studies that have a CRF version that has status 'Design'.1.  Click the Library tab in the top horizontal menu bar.

  • Right hand side: The target study is the study that contains the CRF version you are working on.
  • Left hand side: The library, including all studies and CRF's that have been built within the same account.
2.  Choose the target study and applicable CRF version (this is the CRF you are designing). 

2a: If you are working with a new CRF version of a study, the structure of the CRF you have based this version on, will already be visible on the right hand side, below the selected target study and CRF version.
2b: In case you are starting with the first CRF version of a new study, you will see an empty field to start with.
3.  Use this checkbox to decide if you wish to include the (applicable) edit checks from the used CRF parts or if you wish to use these parts without any edit checks.

  • If you choose not to copy existing edit checks, all fields you move will not have any validation rules, including required fields, date or number field specification.
  • In case you move a visit or form that contains edit checks that are linked to visits/forms that are not moved, these checks will be removed. If this is the case, the system will show a warning message.
4.  Click the '+' icon in front of the applicable Study -> CRF version -> Visit to expand the elements.
5.  Drag and drop the applicable parts into the right hand side design area.

  • You can use visits or forms as building blocks for your new CRF.
  • You can also combine parts from multiple studies or CRF versions.

6.  The item you moved to the right side will become visible as CRF structure (depending on the size of the item you have moved, the system may need a few moments to install this).

7.  Click the 'x' icon in front of any applicable visit or form to delete it from your new structure.
8.  Fine tune your CRF (adding/removing questions, forms or visits) via My studies ➟ CRF tab ➟ Edit CRF:

9. You can always switch between the Library and the CRF designer to work on your new CRF (as long as the CRF has status 'Design').


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