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1. Intro

edc2go allows you to create notifications with three types of triggers. They can be sent out to study users with a certain profile or to individual email addresses.

2. Create a new notification

notifications can be created by the account owner or invited admins with given rights to do so.
  1. Login to your account and click the 'My studies' tab.
  2. From the horizontal menu bar, click 'Notifications'. If this is the first notification you create, the page will indicate this with the 'No notifications yet' statement.
  3. Click the green '+ New notification' button to get started.

STEP 1: General

  • Enter a name for this notification.
  • Specify if this notification should be 'Active or inactive' (it is possible to temporarily de-activate a notification in the course of your study).
  • Specify for which CRF version(s), this notification should be active and click the 'Next' button:

STEP 2: Trigger

in edc2go, notifications can be triggered in three ways:
  1. When a subject is enrolled.
  2. When a form is saved.
  3. When a question is answered

* NOTIFICATION OPTION 1: subject is enrolled
This notification will be sent every time a new subject is enrolled in your study.
  • Select 'When a subject is enrolled' from the trigger drop-down and click the orange 'Next' button.
* NOTIFICATION OPTION 2: a form is saved
This notification will be sent whenever a certain form is saved in your study.
  • Select 'when a form is saved' from the trigger drop-down.
  • Select the applicable visit and form in the foreseen drop-down lists.
  • Define the notification frequency:
           ➞only on initial save of the form
           ➞on every save of the form
  • Specify if the notification should also be sent when an empty form is saved and click the orange 'Next' button:
* NOTIFICATION OPTION 3: a question is answered
This notification will be sent whenever a certain answer receives a specified question in the patient CRF.
  • Select 'when a question is answered' from the trigger drop-down.
  • Select the applicable visit, form and question in the foreseen drop-down lists.
  • Specify the answer that should trigger the notification and click the orange 'Next' button:

Important note: In case you do not select an answer, the notification is triggered when the question has no answer (on form save).

STEP 3: Recipients

Select the profiles and/or users to which the notification should be sent to and click 'Next':

Notifications will only be sent to profiles or users that have access to the applicable center.

STEP 4: Message

  • Specify the Subject and body of the notification.
The first part of the body (blue text) is auto created depending on the notification type.
In this example the part consists of the selected visit, form and question text, the given answer, the subject ID and center.
  • Click the '+ Create' button:

The notification is now visible on the 'Notifications' page.
  • Click the orange 'Edit' button at any time if you wish to make changes to the settings
  • Click the 'x Delete' button to remove the notification.
  • Click the green '+ New notification' button to create additional notifications for your study.

The email:

this is a screenshot of a notification email (layout may differ depending on your mail provider):

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