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edc2go for end users

edc2go is an intuitive and user friendly platform for all end users.

available user profiles are:

write access:  Investigators and Study Nurses
read access:  Monitors, Data Managers and Sponsors

All study end users can consult detailed training slide decks on their study home page.

1. homescreen

2. Study structure

A study CRF is set up with visits that contain forms. The forms contain questions and/or labels.
The questions can have validation rules.
  • Click on a form name to open the applicable form.
Visits and forms that have a '+' icon in front on their name are designed as repeating
  • Click on the form or visit name to create an instance of these form and/ or visit types.

3. Data Entry

edc2go supports several question types:
  • single line text or paragraph text
  • date and time field
  • multiple choice or radiobuttons
  • dropdown lists
  • checkboxes
  • document upload
users with an Investigator or Study Nurse profile can enter data into the CRF.
All entered data in a form must be saved before moving to a next form. 

4. Signatures

users with Investigator and Monitor profile can sign CRF forms:

5. Queries

Data queries can be triggered by the system, depending on the designed validation rules and can also be created manually by users with a Monitor or Data Manager profile.
  • Users with Investigator or Study Nurse profile can answer queries.
  • Monitors and Data Managers can open, close and re-open queries.

6. Lock and freeze

Users with Monitor profile can freeze forms.
Users with Data Manager profile can lock forms.

Freeze and lock can be done per form or in batch (Patient level).

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