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My admins: invite an administrator

As owner of an edc2go account, you may want to add some users that can help with study build or administrative tasks like center and user creation.

Via the 'My Admins' tab, you can invite users as admin and assign them the applicable rights to the required studies in your account.

Admin rights

when creating admins for one or more of your studies, you can assign certain rights per user and per study:

CRF - modify: an admin with CRF management can:
  • create and edit CRF's (visits, forms, elements and validation rules)
  • Update the status of CRF's
  • assign centers to CRF's
  • migrate CRF's
  • access the library page
CRF - View: an admin with view (read only) access can only see the CRF.
Centers: an admin with center management can perform following actions.
  • create and edit centers
  • de-activate and re-activate centers
  • assign CRF versions to centers
Users: an admin with user management can perform following actions:
  • create and edit study users
  • de-activate and re-activate study users
Notifications: an admin with notification management can:
  • create and edit email notifications
  • de-activate and re-activate notifications
  • assign CRF versions to notifications
Exports: an admin with export management can create , download and delete study exports.
Reports: an admin with report management can view reports and set visibility to the reports.
➙ Visual: an admin with visual management can update the visuals (logo and preferred colors) for studies.

Create admin

  1. Log in to your account and click the 'My Admins' tab.
  2. Click the '+ New admin' button.
  3. In the following window, enter the user's email address.
  4. Specify the admin rights, either per study or for all studies within your account. All available studies are listed.
  5. Click the 'Create' button.
  6. An email invitation will be sent to the specified email address. The mail message includes a link that the invited admin can click in order to activate the account.
  7. The 'My Admin' page lists all (invited) admin users for your account. If you hover over the icons, you can see more info about the assigned rights per user.
  8. use the 'Edit', 'Reinvite' and 'Deactivate' buttons to manage your study admins.

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