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Validation rules: Date range - allow future date


"Date range" is a validation rule that can be set for the date (and time) field.

With the "date range" validation rule, you can:
  • define a field as a 'Date', 'Datetime' or 'Time' (see this article)
  • allow a date to be in the future
  • specify a minimum and/or maximum value for the field
  • specify a minimum and/or maximum value based on a linked question
  • specify a time window before and after a range (to allow for a date outside a range to be valid if it lies in the specified time window)
This article will cover the second item: allow a date to be a future date.

Front End

By default, any date created in edc2go does not allow the entry of a date in
the future (> TODAY).
If you were to enter a future date, edc2go will display a message:

At this point, you can either:
  1. Save the form with open query(ies).
  2. Cancel the save action and go back to the form to correct the date (if applicable).
In case you wish to overrule this setting, you must do so within the date's validation rules.


Within the Validation rules settings of a newly created date field, the box in front of "Date range" is checked by default.
The checkbox in front of 'Allow future date' is, by default NOT checked.
To allow entry of future dates for a date field, check the box in front of 'Allow future date' within the Date range settings and click the Save button:

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