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Validation rules: define numeric field

"Numeric range" is a validation rule that can be set for the single line field element.
With this validation rule you can:
  • define a field as numeric (allowing only numeric characters: 0-9)
  • specify a minimum and/or maximum value for the field (see this article)
  • specify a minimum and/or maximum value based on a linked question (see this article)

Front end

If a single line field is specified as 'numeric', edc2go will display a message whenever non-numeric characters are entered:

at this point, you can either:
  1. Save the form with an open query.

  2. Cancel the save action and go back to the form to correct the value(s).

Design: numeric field

A numeric field only allows for numeric values (0-9), no alphanumeric or special characters.
  • Make sure that your CRF has status 'Design'.
  • Go to your design area via My Studies --> CRF.
  • Go to the applicable visit and form and click the '+ Add validation rule' button on the right hand side of the applicable question:
A validation rules window will open.
On the left hand side of the window is the list of all available validation rules of that particular element type:
Each element type has its own set of validation rules. To see an overview of possible validation rules per element type, check out this article.

  1. Check the box in front of the 'Numeric range' validation rule.
  2. The specifications for  a minimum (MIN field) and/or maximum (MAX field) range should be indicated as 'None'
  3. The query text is present by default as:"This field should be numeric". You can update this text as applicable for your question.
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. the '+Add validation rule' button is now displayed as '  üNumeric range' but the button is still functional. Click this button to edit the validation rule(s) for this question.

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