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Validation rules: Intro

edc2go allows you to specify validation rules for your questions in a few simple steps.
Validation rules can be set for all element types, except for the label. They can be defined within a form and across forms.

Each applicable element has an 'Add validation rule' button on its right hand side in the CRF designer:

Depending on the element type, different types of rules can be defined:
  • Required field (Indicates that a question must be answered. Saving an empty value will generate a query) ➙ all element types except label.
  • Numeric range (checks if a value falls within a certain range (MIN-MAX)) ➙ single line text
  • Text length (limits the minimum and/or maximum number of characters a text answer can have.) ➙ single line text and paragraph text
  • Value check (checks if a value is 'equal to' or 'different from' another value) ➙ date field, multiple choice, dropdown, checkboxes, single line text and paragraph text
  • Date range (1.define the element as 'date', 'time' or 'datetime', 2.checks if a date falls within a certain date range (MIN-MAX), 3. define a time window or 4. allow/deny entry of future dates) ➙ date field

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