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Using sub-questions


when building your CRF in edc2go, you can define any question (element) as a sub-question.
This means that the visibility of this question (or label) in a form depends on the data entry that is done for another question (the parent question) of that form.

1. Create the parent question

for more information about adding elements to a form, check out this article.

2. Create sub-question

this question will become visible in the CRF,  depending on the answer that is given to the parent question:

Sub-questions and parent questions can only exist in the same form.

  1. Create the question, specify a question text (and code list options in case the question is checkbox/dropdown or multiple choice).
  2. Check the box in front of 'Convert to a sub-question', select the parent question from the dropdown (▼) and indicate for which answer the sub-question should become visible.
  3. In the CRF builder, a sub-question is indicated by a green 'Sub-question' label.
In this example, the sub-question 'If yes, please specify' should be visible if the question 'Diabetes' is answered with 'Yes'.

➙ If the parent question is a multiple choice or dropdown, you can only select one option from the codelist options (in this example, you can either choose yes or no, not both). ➙ If the parent question is a checkbox list, you can select more then one option from the codelist items (see example below).

3. Create multiple sub-questions with one parent

In the same way as outlined above, it is possible to create more then one sub-question with the same parent question.
It is also possible for a sub-question to be a parent question to another sub-question.

In this example, the parent question is already a sub-question:

  • In case ‘treated with hypoglycemic’ and/or ‘treated with insulin’ is checked, a question ‘Please specify therapy’ should appear.
  • In case ‘Other’ is checked, the question ‘Please specify other’ should become available
  • In case ‘treated with diet' is ticked, a label should appear that mentions:"Please complete the details about your diet in the DIET form in this CRF".

4. Front-end (what it looks like for an end-user)

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