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Elements: labels

You can use a label to add extra text to your CRF, for example (sub) titles or extra information. A label element is not used to capture data.
You can customize label text with font size, font color and background color.

1. Add element

For more information about adding elements to a form, check out this article.

2. Element settings

  • Question text: this is the text as it will be displayed for the end user.
  • Question code: this is the unique ID of the question. Each element of a form is specified in the data exports with their question code. You can specify your own question code or choose to have the system assign a code. edc2go assigns codes in consecutive order per created element (independent on form or visit)
  • Title or text: use this option to specify between a one-line title or multi line text (this choice only has an effect on the back end visibility of the question text).
  • Position: choose the alignment of the label text. You can choose between left, center, right or outline.
  • Size: font size, between 8 to 72 px
  • Color: use a color picker to set up the font color.
  • Backgrounduse a color picker to set up the background color.
  • Sub-question: check this box to display this label in the eCRF form based on the answer to another (parent) question. For more info, check out this article.  
Specify all applicable settings and click the 'Save' button below:

For an end user, a form with labels looks like this:

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