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Elements: file upload

The file upload element allows you to upload files or documents into your study's eCRF (per patient).
You can upload any file type with a maximum size of 10 Mb per file and 50 Mb per upload field.

Important note: the files or documents that are added into each patient's CRF will have an effect on your account storage. ➙ Use the question settings to specify the maximum file size and number of files you allow to be uploaded per question. ➙ If required, extra storage can be added to each pricing plan along the way.

1. Add element

For more information about adding elements to a form, check out this article.

2. Element settings

  • Question text: this is the text as it will be displayed for the end user.
  • Question text size: the space that will be foreseen for the question text in the form lay out . You can choose between 'small', 'medium' and 'large'.
  • Question code: this is the unique ID of the question. Each element of a form is specified in the data exports with their Question code. You can specify your own question code or choose to have the system assign a code. edc2go assigns codes in consecutive order per created element (independent on form or visit).
  • Max. filesize: with this setting you can specify the maximum file size that is allowed to be uploaded (per file). You can select a size between 0.1 and 10 Mb.
  • Number of files: with this setting you can indicate how many files can be uploaded for this particular question (per patient). You can select a number between 1 and 5.
  • Help text: in case you wish to add extra information for the end user, you can specify this in the help text field. The help text will be visible for the end user behind a '?' icon next to the question.
Specify all applicable settings and click the 'Save' button below:

For the end user, a form with a file upload field will look like the screenshot below:

To upload a file, follow these steps (for Investigator and Study Nurse profile only):
  • Click the 'Upload file' button
  • Within your explorer window, browse to the applicable file location and select the document to upload.
  • After successful upload, the file name will be displayed next to the upload field.
  • Click the 'X' icon to delete any uploaded files.

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