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Data Migration - Publish a new CRF version

If you have created a new CRF version and have finished your Design and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), you can Publish the new version.
In case you already have data entered for patients in a previous CRF version, it is possible to migrate all patient data into the new CRF version.
  • Migration of patient data must be defined per study center.
  • One study center can only be assigned to one active CRF version.
  • Depending on the updates or changes that are made between two CRF versions, a migration of a study center may have consequences to the availability of you study data and the activation/closure of system edit checks.

1. Publish A new CRF version

  • Change the status of the applicable CRF version from UAT to Design.

After this, edc2go will guide you through a list of steps:


Carefully read the information on the displayed window.

  • Click the next button after you have ensured that your CRF version is completely ready to be published:


A new window will be displayed with information about what will happen to current data upon publishing the new version.

  • Carefully read all information and click the next button if you wish to continue:

In case you click the 'Cancel' button, the Publish action of the new CRF version will be cancelled. The status of the CRF will return to 'UAT'.


In this step, you can choose if any existing notifications should also be applicable in the new version.

  • Check the box in front of each notification to include it into the next version and click the 'Next' button:

Select the sites that will participate in the new version and click the 'Publish' button:

If the centers you had selected for this CRF version already contained patients and data from a previous version, this date will now be migrated into the next version. Depending on the number of sites and the number of data per site, this process can take up minutes to several hours.
The displayed window will indicate the progress of migration until it is completed.

Upon completion of migration, you may click the ‘Next’ button.

The Migration is running in the background. You can close the 'migrating' window and continue working on other tasks.

In the final step, you can choose to notify all applicable users about the availability of the new CRF version.

Click the ‘Yes’ button for email notification, click the ‘Cancel’ button if you do not wish to do so.

The new CRF version is now published

The version overview in screenshot below indicates the following:

  1. Version specification: v3 third version ANBE: click the pencil icon to adjust any of these specifications.
  2. CRF status = Published
  3. Linked centers
  4. The CRF structure is now ‘Read Only’
  5. Click to download a template of this CRF version

2. Data Consequences of migrating centers

Please keep in mind that migrating to a new CRF version may have consequences to existing patient data (entered in previous/initial CRF version).

For more information about such consequences, please carefully read this article.

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