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Elements: checkboxes

A checkbox question allows the user to select zero to multiple options from a pre-defined set of values (codelist).
Use a checkbox question if you want to allow for multiple options to be selected at any time.
If you wish to allow only one option to be selected, you should use multiple choice (radio-button) or dropdown questions.

1. Add element:

For more information about adding elements to a form, check out this article.

2. Element settings

Click on the question text to display the Element settings (in above screenhot: 'This is a checkbox list.')
  • Question text: this is the text as it will be displayed for the end user.
  • Question text size: the space that will be foreseen for the question text in the form layout . You can choose between 'small', 'medium' and 'large'.
  • Question code: this is the unique ID of the question. Each element of a form is specified in the data exports with their question code. You can specify your own question code or choose to have the system assign a code. edc2go assigns codes in consecutive order per created element (independent on form or visit).
  • Columns: the codelist items of your checkbox question can be divided into 1 or 2 columns or placed inline.
  • Sub-question: check this box to enable this question in the eCRF form based on the answer to another (parent) question. For more info, check out this article.  
  • Question type: it is possible to change types between: multiple choice, dropdown or checkbox questions.

Important note:

for element type checkbox, conversion between question types is restricted in the following cases:

  • if the value edit check is enabled
  • it is a parent question (to a sub-question)
  • it is linked by an edit check
  • Help text: in case you wish to add extra information for the end user, you can specify this in the help text field. The help text will be visible for the end user behind a '?' icon next to the question.
Specify all applicable settings and click the 'Save' button below:

3. set up codelist

  • hover over the question to display the grey gear icon and click this icon. This action will open the Codelist Settings window.
  • Specify the options of your multiple choice question in the codelist by entering them in the Label boxes.
  • Click the '+' icon to create more options and the '-' icon to remove options.
  • In the same way as for question code, you can assign a unique ID to the codelist and all codelist items. If you do not specify an ID, these will be generated by the system.
  • With the value option, you can assign a custom value to each item in the codelist. For more information about codelist values, please check out this article.

For an end user, a form with  checkboxes looks like this:

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