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Add elements to a form

After setting up your CRF structure with visits and forms, you can add elements to your forms.

1. Elements

These are the elements you can choose from:
  1. Single line text
  2. Paragraph text
  3. Date
  4. Multiple choice (also known as radio-buttons)
  5. Dropdown
  6. Checkboxes
  7. File upload
  8. Label

2. Add elements

  • To add an element into your form, click the orange '+ Elements' button.
  • Click on the required element or drag and drop it into the form:

To place the first element of a form, you must click on the applicable element.

All consecutive elements will be placed below the first element (on click) or can be moved above and below this element (drag and drop).

  • To specify the element settings, hover over the applicable question and click the grey highlighted area:

The element settings window will open:

  • Specify all applicable settings and click the 'Save' button below:
 Check out this article to know more about adding validation rules to your question.

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