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View your CRF in UAT

1. As a study designer

As study designer (study owner or sub-admin with applicable rights), you can directly view your CRF in UAT by clicking the orange screen icon on the top right of your screen.
You will navigate to a front-end screen that displays all studies that have been created within your account:

Select the user profile you would like to login with (investigator and study nurse have write access) and click the Select button:

You will navigate to the home page of your study:

Click the UAT centers tab, the UAT center information will become visible.
This center is included automatically when you are in UAT mode. You do not have to create this yourself.
Click the ‘Add a UAT patient’ button to create a patient.
A new CRF structure with empty visits/forms/questions will be created for this patient. 

If you are logged in with a profile that has write access, you can start entering patient data. When you login with a monitor or Data Manager profile, you have read only access, but you will be able to test data freeze and lock and query open/close actions.

2. Change user profile - Return to admin

Click the ▼ icon of the login information on the top right side of the page to change the user profile.
Click the ‘Administration’ button to return to the study account page. From this page, you can change the status of your CRF back to ‘Design’ or perform other applicable admin actions.

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