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Forms: edit, move, copy and delete

When working in Design, you can edit, copy, move and delete forms and visits from your CRF.
Do do so, hover over the form (or visit) tab to display the action icons and click the appropriate icon to select:

  1. edit
  2. copy
  3. move
  4. delete

1. Edit Forms

To edit the form specifications, select the appropriate icon from the form tab:

Edit the form name, code, assigned visit or repeating option and click the ‘Update form’ button. 

2. Copy Forms

Click the Copy icon:
 Indicate in the copy form window to which visit(s) you wish to copy the form:

The entire form, including questions and validation rules will be copied into the applicable visit(s):

edc2go uses unique codes in a study for visits, forms, questions and codelist (items).

➙ As a result, any items that are copied will receive a system generated code.
➙ Use the edit option to modify system generated codes to your preferred codes.
➙ You will receive a warning message in case you enter a code that was already used in your study.

3. Move Forms

Click the applicable icon and drag and drop the form into the applicable place in the structure.
You can move a form within a visit, but also into another visit:

4. Delete Forms

Click the 'X' icon and confirm the deletion.
A delete action removes the entire form:

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