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Opening a data export

As soon as you download an export from edc2go, you'll quickly want to open it and get started with analyzing the data.
  • Your export will appear as a ZIP file, make sure you have a good unzip program installed (eg. 7-zip)
  • after download, right click on the ZIP file and choose the 'Extract All..' option from the drop down menu.
  • An export file is created for each CRF form (AE, DEMO, DOV_BL, LB, ...), as well as a form status file and legend file.
  • Export files are in csv format (comma separated values). You can open these with Excel or in case of a SAS export with the applicable SAS software.
  • With Excel, you must make sure to correctly import the csv files before moving the export data to columns in Excel.
  • There are several ways to do this, the guide below describes one of the most common approaches:
  1. open an empty Excel document and click the 'Data' tab in the top menu bar.
  2. Click 'From other Sources'

    NOTE: at this point, it is also possible to choose 'From Text'. For this option, you must first open a csv file from the unzipped export file and copy/paste all content into (for example) a notepad file. After choosing 'From text', you can browse to and select the applicable text file.
  3. In the displayed window, click the 'Browse for More' button.
  4. Browse to the (unzipped!) export file.
  5. Click on the applicable file.

  • Follow the Excel Wizard as indicated in the screenshots below:

  • Your Excel file should look like this now:

The legend file (format Legend_yourstudy.csv) provides all information about your study structure, question labels and codelists:

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