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Working with centers

1. Creating centers

Centers (sometimes referred to as sites or hospitals) are a fundamental part of your study. edc2go allows you to create an unlimited amount of centers. On your study's homepage, click the Centers tab to get started. Next click the New Center button to create a new center

  1. Specify the center's name and address
  2. Your center code is created by the system and based on the naming structure you have chosen (see the article Center naming structure)
  3. Department and Contact person are optional fields
  4. In case you are working with multiple CRF versions, you need to select to which version the center should be linked.

2. Center list

All your centers are displayed under the Center tab located on your study homepage.
  1. Use the New Center button to create additional centers
  2. Click the Edit button to make changes to any of the existing centers
  3. Click the Delete button to (soft) delete a center. Use the Restore button to reinstate a center that was made unavailable
The center code of an existing center cannot be changed after initial creation

3. Centers and data entry

The centers as specified in the screenshot above will be displayed with the center name for all data entry study users. Screenshot below shows the available two centers for a study nurse that has access to both centers.

Center visibility depends on the center access that is given when creating users. See the article on Managing users for more information.

4. Enrolling patients to a center

A patienr (or subject) always belongs to a center. A study nurse or investigator with to more than one center will need to select the center to which a patient will be enrolled.

After enrollment, you will be fowarded to the subject's page which givers you an overview of the CRF for that subject

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