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Center naming structure

1. Setting up a naming structure

When defining your study settings, you can specify a naming structure for your study centers.
  • Go to your study and select the Settings tab on the study homepage:
  • Tick the box Set up a naming convention for all centers
  • Here you can define your naming structure for all your study centers: add a prefix and / or a suffix and include an auto-number format if needed
It is not mandatory to define a center structure. In case no structure is defined, center name (1) and a system generated center code (2) will be used in the exports to define the center (see screenshot below).

2. Center structure in study exports

The screenshot below shows the data export of an ECG form int he screening visit of the "My Registry" study.
  • Center is specified by its center ID and center name
  • Subject ID is defined by a consecutive number per center

  • Row 2 displays the ECG data entered for subject 1 from center T-02
  • Row 3 displays the ECG data entered for subject 2 from center T-02
  • Row 4 displays the ECG data entered for subject 1 from center T-03
To enhance the clarity of the above screenshot, certain export columns (visit and form occurrence and visit and form deletion status) are hidden. An actual form export will contain more columns than displayed in the above example.

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