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Create your first CRF

  • For more information about creating a study, check out this article.
After you have created a study, you can start with the design of your study CRF. 
edc2go makes a clear distinction between a study and a CRF

About CRF versions:

Within one study, you can have more than one CRF version. These CRF versions can be created to update a previous CRF version or in case you need to work with different versions because of protocol amendments or country/center specific CRF requirements.


  • A study center can only belong to one CRF version.
  • You can move a study center from one version to another. In this case, all patients and all patient data will be migrated into the new version.
  • Data exports will indicate for each data row in each dataset to which study version this data belongs.
  • The number of CRF versions that can be created depends on your pricing plan.

1. Create

Starting from your study’s homepage, click the CRF tab:

The start screen for your first CRF version will look like this: 

1. edc2go has created a first, initial CRF version.
  • click the pencil icon to edit the version name and/or number.
  • click ‘+Add a description’ if you wish to add extra information about this version.
 2. The status of the initial CRF is ‘Design’. This is the status you need to build and edit your CRF.
 3. Click the orange ‘Edit CRF’ button to get started with CRF build.

The next screen is your Design area:
edc2go offers three ways to get started with the design of your CRF:

A. Start building your own CRF structure: Visits, Forms, questions and validation rules.

B. Start from a template:
  • To jumpstart your CRF, edc2go has a template available that contains preconfigured visits and forms.
  • The template holds a collection of visits and forms that are prevalent in every clinical trial CRF.
  • You can edit or remove elements as you see fit, and be up and running with your study in no time.

C. Use your library:  if you have already built another study or CRF within your edc2go account, you can use the Library function to drag and drop items (visits and forms) from pre-existing CRF’s into the new CRF.

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