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Create your first study in edc2go

1. Create

After login to edc2go (see also Sign up - create your account), you can create your first study via the Dashboard tab:

  • Click the ‘Create your first study’ button.
It will take a few seconds for the study template to install. 

If your study is ready, the study settings window will be displayed:

2. Basic Settings

1.  Study name (required) and description (optional)
2.  Study Code: 
  • This will be the URL for your study.
  • This code is automatically assigned by the system on the Study name. You can update the middle part of the code to your preferences.
Important note: after initial creation of the study code, this code (your study URL) cannot be changed anymore. Consider carefully what this code should be.

3. Additional Settings

3.  Indication (optional)
4.  Reason for change: when this is activated, users need to provide with a reason for each data entry update. Activation or de-activation of this function can be adjusted during study conduct and the status is tracked in a history audit trail. 
5.   edc2go provides the option to set up the naming structure for all centers:

You can define a prefix, suffix and/or auto numbering for all your study centers. For more information, check out the article about Centers.

It is not mandatory to define a center structure.

➙ In case no structure is defined, center name (1) and system generated center code (2) will be used in the exports to define the center (see below screenshot).

➙ Any updates to the naming structure will only affect the centers that are created after the update,
it will not change the structure of existing centers.

  • If you have specified all study settings, click the 'Update' button :
After this action, your study homepage will be displayed:

For more information on creating your first CRF, check out this article. 

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