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Change the status of your CRF

Your CRF can have one of the following statuses:
  • Design: Here you can create and edit your CRF: add, edit or remove visits, forms, questions and edit checks. Data entry is not possible at this point
  • UAT: Make your CRF available for User Acceptance Testing.  Dummy data can be entered and during this time CRF design is disabled
  • Published: Your CRF design is finished and you are ready to collect real study data. CRF updates are no longer possible
  • On hold: This allows you to temporarily disable any data entry actions immeadiately

To change your CRF status from ‘Design to ‘UAT’, follow these steps:

  • Click the button: Manage CRF versions

  • Click the grey CRF status button (with current status ‘Design’)

  • Change the status to UAT:

An information window will appear:

§  Click ‘OK, got it’ to continue. The status of your CRF has now changed to ‘UAT’.

➙  You can switch between 'Design' and 'UAT' as much as needed. 
➙  When you change your status from 'UAT' to 'Published', you can no longer go back to status 'UAT'.
➙  In case you need to make updates to a published CRF, you can create a new CRF version.

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